Affordable/Workforce housing

Closing the Affordable/Workforce housing gap is key to achieving a Beautiful, Prosperous, Livable Salt Lake City.  The Becker Administration’s affordable housing initiative was titled 5000 Affordable Homes in 5 Years.  Our current mayor shelved that initiative to create a new one titled Growing SLC – A Five Year Plan 2018-2022 creating 7,500 affordable homes.  Both administrations approaches were sound and similar. Fact is, some of the same city associates wrote both plans.  As Mayor, I will not hit the re-start button on our affordable housing plan that would cause the loss of precious TIME. My administration will simply update our current plan by adding aggressive “how” and “when” actions to achieve our desired end-result – adding more affordable/workforce housing - NOW.

Leadership is NOT just about passing a new ordinance, creating a new policy or passing another piece of legislation – it is more about rolling up your sleeves and getting actions completed that achieve the GOAL.

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Salt Lake City Homelessness

As mayor I will be an active and supportive partner of the Utah Homeless Coordinating Committee.  Upon the opening of all three new resource centers, we must quickly assess their effectiveness in the reducing the number of people experiencing hopelessness and sleeping on our streets.

Should the resource centers not achieve our goals, I will have the political will and humane consciousness to act swiftly. I will make sure we provide safe, welcoming (and bed-bug-free) shelter, warmth, nutrition, work-counseling, work-placement, mental health care, and medical care for homeless men, women and children.

I will effectively address the shelter resistant population. It is inhumane to have people sleeping on our streets, and it is not good for communities to have people living on our streets. “Functional zero” people living on our streets can be achieved.

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The Inland Port

The City’s lawsuit against the State and Port Authority must proceed to determine jurisdiction over the port.  I oppose the development of the inland port unless it can be achieved with a zero-negative-impacton our environment.  If the port is to be built, Salt Lake City must receive its fair share of all taxes generated by the inland port to offset its significant impact on the City’s already-overstretched infrastructure and to shore up our shrinking tax base

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Our Environment

Salt Lake City is one of the most polluted cities in America. Our pollution is resulting in an increased level of asthma, brain and heart damage and much more – loss of life.  Serious action is required. As mayor I will adopt far-reaching, even radical, measures to clean up our valley’s air. I will set concrete goals – then achieve them, unlike many politicians who only know how to talk.

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Transportation and Mobility

How we move about the city is central to our story. While many people talk about transportation in terms of convenience or efficiency or even as a driver for economic development, mobility is about more than that; it’s about choices, connections, and community.

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