Our Environment

Salt Lake City Homelessness

Salt Lake City has some of the worst air quality in America. Our pollution is resulting in an increased level of asthma, brain and heart damage and much more – loss of life.  Serious action is required. I will adopt far-reaching, even radical, measures to clean up our valley’s air. I will set concrete goals – then achieve them, unlike many politicians who only know how to talk.


  • Getting things accomplished requires two steps not one. First, we must create the goal then we must have the concrete plan to achieve these goals.
    • I will outline specific long-term and short-term goals, that will hold elected officials accountable, for substantially reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and air polluting chemicals.
    • My administration will create a concrete plan for achieving our long-term and short-term goals. Beginning with 100% renewable and clean energy by 2030.
  • Work with the Legislature to restore major incentives for electric cars and solar panels.
  • Build affordable housing so people can live close to where they work, go to school, and recreate - reducing mobile emissions.
  • Move the city’s fleet to 100% zero or low emission.
  • Create greater incentives for zero-emission vehicles - reduced or reserved parking.
  • Enact more aggressive green building standards.
  • Incentivize green renovations for older buildings.
  • End any parking lot requirements for selected new construction.
  • Aggressively continue energy off sets of City buildings by using solar power. Including installation of solar panels on most city-owned buildings.
  • Support incentives for solar-powered homes and commercial buildings.
  • Ban, or disincentives for, incandescent light bulbs
  • Develop city-wide autonomous car system, moving people from grid to grid to chosen location.
  • Create safe, interesting, welcoming pedestrian experiences, with alternative lanes for bicycles, scooters.
  • Support revenue-neutral carbon tax.

It is important to continue to point out how intertwined good policy should be. My plan achieves success for the City in the following three areas - Affordable housing, mobile emissions and air quality and walk/bike riding increasing sound health.