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Salt Lake City Mayor
Let's think big!
Salt Lake City Mayor
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David Ibarra is a leadership consultant and entrepreneur. David is the founder of eLeaderTech® and IBG Inc. David received a U.S. Patent for his performance management software “Executing the Standards®” in September of 2002.  

David Ibarra’s background spans highly successful careers in the hospitality and automotive industries. David served as Director of Training for the Western United States and District Manager of Operations for a division of Marriott Corporation. David also owned and operated several successful restaurants in the Western United States. Prior to forming the Ibarra companies, David was the General Manager of a large metropolitan automobile dealership for nearly 10 years and has held many other leadership positions within the retail automotive industry.

David Ibarra is very active in community and government affairs; in 2010 David was the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of HumaneLetters from the Salt Lake Community College. In 1999, David was appointed byPresident Clinton to serve on the prestigious U.S. Air Force Academy Board ofVisitors. David Ibarra also served on the Utah Private Industry Council, theCentral Region Council for the Utah Department of Workforce Services, the UtahNew Vehicle Franchise Board, the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the SaltLake International Airport Advisory Board.

David Ibarra currently serves as a board member for theLatino Leaders Network, the Ibarra Foundation and the Utah Chapter of theMexico United States Chamber.

David created the Ibarra Foundation in 2004 to invest in the future success of the Latino community by making a college education possible for Latino students living in the communities where the David Ibarra Companies are located. Currently, fifteen students are receiving full tuition scholarships from his foundation. The Ibarra Foundation has assisted 77students with the quest to gain a college education.

David is a well-known public speaker, trainer and success coach. David has been invited to deliver keynote addresses at events all across the United States and most recently, China. He enjoys engaging professionals by sharing his Smart Tools to help businesses discover untapped opportunities and turn them into success. By creating “Executing the Standards®” he has been able to study, formulate and implement the ETS “Cycle of Success” in his own life to creatively combine his business, community and civic interests.